Dance2Fit with Tiffany is a great way for you to lose weight and feel great while dancing! We all love to dance, right? So, let's start a healthier lifestyle, now. 

It does not matter if you have two left feet, have never danced before or just don't think that you can handle a Dance2Fit class. All that matters is you decide to make a difference in yourself! Don't worry if you have a harder time learning the routines... Practice is part of the workout! 


My rules for the class are simple!! 

* No Judging others - we are all here to achieve the same outcome! 

* No comparing yourself to anyone else 

* Have FUN 

* Let Loose 

* Dance to your own rhythm - * Modify the moves if you need to, work your intensity level up as you feel comfortable. 



Routines are choreographed with a combination of dance and fitness moves. Music varies from todays hit music to some older favorites that we all have danced to at some point in our lives. 


Hiit is a high intensity interval training class that is 30 minutes long. We do 9 different moves and repeat them 6 times. We work along with a tabata timer.


I am so proud of this class because I created it from the ground up. In class we are working to engage those tiny muscle groups and tone and sculpt our whole body. 
This class is a 30 minute low intensity class.

We all Start Somewhere